You Have A New Inflatable Boat
You Are Ready To Set It Up For Adventure

You made up your mind. You decided a new inflatable boat is the way to go. Or perhaps you found a great deal on a used one.

Either way, you buy it.

You haul out a pile of fabric and boards, and wonder how does all this stuff go together?

Click here to learn about inflatable boat assembly.

Ok, once you have your new boat together it is time to figure out your inflatable boat motor mount system - click here for more information.

So there it sits..... boat together, motor installed.... so now you need a system to move it into the water.

I have two systems - a trailer - and launching wheels.

I use a trailer for many trips. This is how I set up a trailer to be the best of inflatable boat trailers.

I also use a set of launching wheels for trips when I want to haul the boat and motor in my truck box, and for trips to the ocean where being able to move the boat after the tide goes out is a definite advantage. Check out my inflatable launching wheels set up here.

One reason I originally bought an inflatable was to go on fishing trips. This is how I set up my inflatable fishing boat.

Don't forget if you ever plan to be out at the end of the day you will need lights. Even if you don't plan to be out after dark a set up for boat running lights is an important part of your boating kit.

If you want to tow a tube or skier with your collapsible inflatable boat the best approach is to attach stainless steel eye bolts or U shackles to your transom on either side of the motor.

With my Zodiac I use two climbing anchors bolted through the transom holes provided for the Zodiac system transom wheels. I don't tow tubes very often so this system works for me.

A short length of rope with stainless steel carabiners will easily hook to the eye bolts, U shackles, or climbing anchors.

Make sure you have a float on the rope attached to the transom, to keep it out of the propeller.

A number of boats available have D rings facing to the stern which could be used for towing. This system does put more stress on the transom/tube connection, and may lead to problems. I prefer attaching towing points directly to the transom.

It does take some time to get everything set up on a new inflatable boat, so take your time and make sure you keep safety in mind when you design your systems for trailering your boat, fishing from your boat, and towing people on a tube.

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