"What Is The BEST Inflatable Boat To Buy?"

That is a question I have asked as well.

When I first decided to buy an inflatable boat, I knew almost nothing about them.

I bought a 30 year old Zodiac from our neighbor for cheap, and a nice new 20hp motor. my inflatable boat in paradise

It was great! The kids loved it! Camping, fishing, tubing, exploring...... the possibilities were limitless!

On closer inspection a few seams were coming apart, the material around the transom was peeling off, and shoe goo sealed up a few holes..... but it held air!

We all dreamed of great adventures!

Then a friend told me a story about what happened to him in an old inflatable while boating with his wife one day.

I realized I needed to learn more about inflatables.

So began my passion for inflatable boats.

What is the best boat to buy?

There is no single "best boat" but there may be a "best boat for you". You need to know a few things like .....

  • what types of inflatables are available?

  • what materials are inflatable boats made of .... and which ones are better?

  • how can you tell a good brand from a poor quality brand?

  • what to look for if buying used (things the used boat seller doesn't want you to know, and might not know themselves!)

  • what accessories do you want for your inflatable (the must haves and the can't be with outs)

  • how to customize your boat for your needs (ideas, tips and cautions)

  • how to haul your inflatable on a trailer.

So many places to explore by inflatable boat

I could go on and on about the benefits of inflatables!

Safe, fun, portable, durable, economical to operate, the four wheel drive of the sea!

Don't run out and buy one yet. Slow down.....

.....not all inflatables are created equal. These boats range from very durable to very fragile. You don’t want to be stuck with one that is not going to do what you want it to do.

So take some time to learn about what to look for and what to avoid.

I wish I had! It would have saved us a lot of time and money!.

You want a safe and enjoyable experience with your boat.

Motor through some of these pages and gather information to help you make an informed boat purchase decision.

Most information on the web and from dealers is slanted toward the boat brands they sell. There seems to be very little information to simply help people make a smart choice when buying an inflatable boat.

I want to change that.

So go ahead, cruise through this site, and happy fishing:)

my first prawn catch in my inflatable boat

Inflatable Boat Information - What Everyone Needs To Know
There are so many inflatable boat types available, figure out which type of inflatable boat is the BEST BOAT FOR YOU before buying!
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Cheap inflatable boat manufacturing varies a lot from company to company! Here's how to find a good quality inexpensive boat.
Inflatable Boats For Sale - Higher Price - Zodiac Boats And Others
There are lots of high quality higher price inflatable boats for sale. Zodiac boats is one. Features, price and dealer service can help you decide which to buy.
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Save money by buying an cheap inflatable boat . Here's what to look for.
Cheap Inflatable Boats: Beware of Lower Quality Discount Inflatable Boats
Many cheap inflatable boats are made in China. Some are good quality. Others are not. Here's how to tell the difference.
Cheap Inflatable Boat: A Inflatable Boat Toy Is The Cheapest Boat Of All!
A cheap inflatable boat of unsupported PVC is a great toy or packable fishing platform for small lakes.
A Used Inflatable Boat Can Save Alot Of Money But Know What You Are Buying
Buying a used inflatable boat is a great money saving idea - there are things the seller doesn't want you to know, and may not know themself!
An Inflatable Sport Boat Is Durable, Fun, And Folds Down Into A Small Package!
I own an inflatable sport boat because they perform well on the water and still can be carried in the back of my truck.
Inflatable Dinghies Are Low Cost And Lighter Duty But Perfect For Many Uses
Looking for a small inflatable boat that is lower cost and perfect for occasional use, then inflatable dinghies are for you
Rigid Inflatable Boats - RIBs - Seaworthy and Safe
RIBs are the safest most seaworthy boat available, and are perfect for all kinds of water sports, find out how to choose one that would be best for you.
Inflatable Rafts - From Vinyl Toys To Extreme Whitewater Boats
Whiteater thrills or lazy afternoons floating on the lake - inflatable rafts cover a wide spectrum of sizes and quality. Rafts have flat bottoms and no transom to mount a motor.
Inflatable Pontoon Boats - Super Light - Super Fun - Fishing Or Whitewater!
Inflatable pontoon boats will get you on the water for fishing or running whitewater. Fun, stable, fun, easy to set up, and did I say fun?
An Inflatable Kayak Is A Small, Lightweight, Easily Paddled Boat For One Or Two
An inflatable kayak excels at river running, gunkholing, and fishing those hard to access lakes
A New Inflatable Boat Is Yours - Now Set It Up For Adventure
Your new inflatable boat can take you on many great adventures once you have it set up
Boat Maintenance Costs, Tips, Techniques To Care For Your Boat
Boat maintenance costs are small compared to the cost of repairing a boat that has never been maintained.
Boating Accessory Checklist: Boat Horn, Sand Spike, Anchor System And More
A boating accessory checklist for your inflatable boat will include a boat horn, an anchor system, a beach anchor, and safety gear.
Boat Anchors: Small Boat Anchors And Hardware
How to choose the best quality boat anchors. Feel confident that your anchor set will hold!
Boat Trailers: Towing, Maintenance And Accessories
Using boat trailers to store and transport inflatable boats makes sense. You'll do less maintenance, get in the water quicker, and have fun faster!
Boat Trailer Parts And Accessories: Small Boat Trailer Hardware and Supplies
These essential boat trailer parts make the whole experience easier and safer.
Boating Apparel: Choosing The Best Boating Clothing, Shoes, Boots and Rain Gear
Good waterproof boating apparel is critical when you own an inflatable boat! Here's what to look for.
Inflatable Boat Repair - Do It Yourself Or Boat Repair By A Dealer?
Inflatable boat repair is best done in a carefully controlled environment with the proper tools, but you can make do it yourself repairs in the field.
Inflatable Fishing Boats Are Stable, Family Friendly, Portable Fishing Platforms
Inflatable fishing boats are very versatile seaworthy boats that vary from tiny packable versions to full size Ribs outfitted for offshore.
Inflatable Boat Canada: Small Boat Fishing And Boating In Canada
After we bought our first inflatable boat Canada became an even more amazing place to explore! Small boat fishing and just boating in Canada.
Boating USA In Small Pontoon Boats And Inflatable Boats
If you love boating usa is a place to visit. From Alaska to Hawaii, From Florida to the Pacific Northwest. Amazing places for small pontoon boats and inflatable boats
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