Cheap Inflatable Boat: A Inflatable Boat Toy Is The Cheapest Boat Of All!

Another group of cheap inflatable boats which deserve some mention are PVC boats with no fabric core.

These boats are often considered the "toys" of the boat world (if you are looking for information on "real" boats click here) and the material they are manufactured from is known as "unsupported PVC".

These are the boats you buy in the camping section in big box stores, hardware stores, and outdoor retailers for super cheap.

These are the boats you can have hours of fun in, splashing and goofing around at the beach with your kids.

Many people also use them as a stable, light, inexpensive way to get out onto a lake to do a bit of fishing.

I have seen these boats modified with wooden floors added, motor mounts, rod holders etc etc.

Personally I would not be very confident in the durability of the fabric if the boat was heavily loaded, but if cost is a concern then these can work.

There are many many brands out there. Here are a few of the unsupported PVC boat brands:

  • Challenger
  • Coleman
  • Intex
  • Sea Eagle
  • Sevylor
  • Voyager
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