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Buy An Inflatable Boat Canada!

Whether you are a seasoned boater or a novice - with an inflatable boat Canada and all its amazing shorelines, lakes and rivers becomes your playground.

There are many places in the world that are amazing to explore by boat! Canada is one of them!

I have always loved exploring by boat. When I was young and single I traveled by canoe or touring kayak. The west coast, east coast, inland lakes and rivers.


With young children I did a number of short canoe adventures, but we soon needed a larger canoe or something different.

I craved longer trips with better access to fishing, shrimping, and the ocean. With an inflatable boat we can travel to some very adventurous places, or just take a nice supper cruise on our local lake.

There are many dealers who will sell you an inflatable boat. Canada has dealers representing all major brands. Storefront dealers are nice because you can talk to a person, touch and poke the product, and compare the different boats in the showroom.

Before you go shopping for an inflatable boat Canada read more about manufacturing here.

I prefer talking to a dealer in person. Be careful not to get talked into something that is not the best boat for you. I recommend talking to a few dealers, so you can compare what they say to weed out the sales pitch and figure out the truth about their product.

Here are a number of inflatable dealers in Canada.

Let me know if you know of more and would like to see them listed here.

British Columbia
Big Island Inflata-boats - Nanaimo
Canadian Inflatables Inc. - North Vancouver
Kits Inflatable Boats - Vancouver
Northern Recreation - Prince George
Parker Marine - Nanaimo, Courtney, Campbell River
River Marine - Vancouver
Seamor Marine - Nanaimo
Sherwood Marine - Victoria
Shore Inflatables - North Vancouver
Steveston Marine - Vancouver, Langley, Surrey
West Marine - Vancouver, Nanaimo
Western Canadian Inflatable Boats - Port Moody
so many places to explore

Auto marine Specialties- Calgary
Kaygee Boat Sales - Edmonton
Recreational Power Sports - Edmonton

Rivard Boats - Winnipeg

CO2 Inflatables - Oakville, Midland
MN Boats - Mississauga
Grand Marine - Concord
Marinex - Midland, Orillia
Douro Marine - Lakefield
Proctor Marine - Simcoe
Pride Marine - Kingston
Brown's Marina - Elgin
Downtown Kingston Sports - Kingston
Super Duxx - Kitchener

Boutique Nautique 30 degres - Magog
Air Solid - Varennes

Internet based dealers
Primarily internet based sources of inflatables sell re-labeled Asian boats or Asian brands.

Seabright Marine - Seabright, NS
Aquamarine inflatable boats - Vancouver,BC
Zebec Canada - Calgary, AB
Rubber Duck Inflatable Boats - Victoria, BC
Seamax - Vancouver, BC
Kay Gee Boat Sales - Edmonton, AB
Liberty - internet and storefront dealers across Canada


Air Solid - Varennes, QC
Polaris - Langley, BC
Titan - Sydney, BC

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