Inflatable Pontoon Boats
An Awesome Light Duty Fishing Platform
Or A Heavy Duty White Water Craft

Inflatable pontoon boats also go by the name catarafts (catamaran raft).

Like all other inflatable boat styles, there are different quality and durability levels to choose from.

With an inflatable pontoon boat you are sitting on a platform suspended over two large floating tubes. You are not "in" a boat. You are suspended "on" the tubes, and are exposed to any waves or splash that come your way.

Great fun!

At the entry level there are a number of brands that build light duty rafts specifically designed for fishing on small lakes and quiet bodies of water.

The light duty boats have knock down frames that fasten to the tubes to create the platform.

Some manufacturers of light duty pontoon boats include:

  • Sea Eagle

The mid range and heavy duty boats have welded tubular frames that are rigid and are usually strapped to the tubes. The frames incorporate a seat, oarlocks and gear rack for carrying your overnight stuff.

The heavy duty models are aimed at the serious whitewater paddler who's life and often livelihood depend on a boat that will stand up to abuse.

Some manufacturers of mid range and heavy duty boats include:

  • Aire of Meridian Idaho - polyester based PVC tube covers with urethane bladders - 9 models of pontoon boats for white water adventures. Ten year no fault warranty - does it get any better?

  • Bucks Bags of Boise, Idaho - welded PVC tubes and polyurethane bladders - frames are manufactured of stainless steel.

  • Water Skeeter of Stockton, California - sewn or welded PVC tubes with PVC bladders, steel or aluminum frames - lots of models from beginner to pro.

  • Creek Company of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - nylon or PVC pontoon covers with PVC bladders, steel or aluminum frames - 9 models of pontoon boat.

  • Outcast by Aire of Meridian, Idaho - fabric and/or polyester based PVC pontoon covers with urethane or vinyl bladders - 14 models of pontoon boats design specifically for fishing adventures. Warranty varies from a basic 1 year warranty on their cheapest boats to a 10 year no fault warranty on their best boats.

  • Classic Accessories of Kent, Washington - 7 models of pontoon boats - PVC and nylon tube covers with bladders and steel frames - not recommended for salt water - made in China.

  • North Fork of Ogden, Utah - numerous models of original pontoon boats designed by Dave Scadden - bladderless tube design - manufactured by Incept Marine in New Zealand.

  • Jack's Plastic Welding in Aztec, New Mexico - white water and fishing pontoon boats - bladderless tube design - manufactured in the USA.

I have not used an inflatable pontoon boat yet but I am itching to get on one!

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