Boat Trailers: Towing, Maintenance And Accessories

Quality small boat trailers are well made, easy to maintain, and a great way to carry your boat to your favorite boating spot.

Heavy inflatables like rigid inflatable boats obviously need to be left in the water, stored on a boat lift, or loaded on a trailer for storage.

Even large collapsible inflatables are heavy enough that storing and transporting them on a trailer makes a lot of sense.

Many people are nervous about towing a trailer, so knowing a few tips and techniques about trailer towing can ease the fear.

It is worth it just for the increased fun and decreased boat maintenance.

As the owner of a collapsible inflatable boat I bought a trailer to allow us to launch our boat on the large lake near our home without the hassle of setup every time.boat trailer bunksI don't want to spend 40 minutes assembling a large sport boat each time I use it!

So I trailer it around home, and pack it up when traveling with our camping trailer.

It works great.

Choosing the correct trailer of all boat trailers for sale is important. If you are using your trailer only in fresh water you don't have to be quite as concerned about rust, but if you are a salt water adventurer you will need a fully galvanized trailer or an aluminum trailer.

It is also important that you pay attention to a few critical details when towing an inflatable, so take the time to set up your trailer for your inflatable boat.

Some people go with the cheapest alternative possible. Here is a a hardware store utility trailer with a Bombard Tropik and Nissan outboard. It would be much better if the transom was sitting on the trailer deck.

This set up will create a lot of stress on the transom/tube joint, because the engine will bounce on bumpy roads. Either make sure your motor is resting on the deck of your trailer, or add a motor brace to solve the motor bounce/transom stress issue.

Of course, buying a trailer will also mean choosing and buying a few accessories. to make the job of trailering easier and safer.

Having spent your hard earned money on a trailer, a bit of regular maintenance can make your purchase last longer, as well as retain its resale value.

Because the electrical system on a boat trailer takes such a beating, it is not uncommon to have to rewire or replace components on your trailer lights. To learn more about wiring a boat trailer you can read more here.

Now you are all ready to go, you drive to the boat launch eager to set off on your adventure.... yikes....there is a huge line up!

There are some things you can do when towing a trailer to make your launching go more smoothly and hey you can even impress the onlookers!

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