Towing A Trailer And Launching A Boat Easily And Safely

Here is a list of things that will make towing a trailer and launching a boat easier.

Most important, practice backing up in a parking lot before heading to the lake to begin launching a boat.

Before backing down the launch ramp

  • transfer your gear from the vehicle into the boat
  • remove tie downs, straps, motor braces and winch safety chain
  • leave the winch hooked up
  • re-install or close drain plugs in boat
  • hook up fuel line to motor and pressurize fuel line
  • if lights are not waterproof disconnect from vehicle to protect vehicle circuits
  • raise the motor
  • tie on docking lines to the bow and stern
  • inspect launch ramp
    • how steep
    • how deep is the water
    • is ramp algae covered?

On the launch ramp
  • back down ramp slowly
  • stop before vehicle enters water
  • ideally winch can be operated while standing on ground (depends on how steep launch ramp is and how low your boat sits on the trailer)
  • have assistant hold bow/stern docking lines to guide the boat
  • park vehicle and trailer away from launch ramp after launching a boat

Before hitting the road
  • drive vehicle and boat trailer off the ramp immediately after loading boat
  • transfer gear to vehicle
  • tie down boat
  • open or remove boat drain plug
  • support motor
  • remove aquatic plants from the trailer and boat

Follow these tips and not only will you feel more comfortable launching a boat, but you will look like a pro too!

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