Aluminum Boat Trailers And Wheels

Aluminum boat trailers are the way to go if you want the ultimate in a rust proof trailer.

Aluminum trailers generally use I beam aluminum for the main frame members, and stainless steel bolts for assembly. Other parts of the trailer may be aluminum or galvanized steel depending on the manufacturer; cross members, winch stands, boat guides, wheel rims, fenders, and brakes.

Some parts on all aluminum trailers available will be steel: axle, spindles, coupler, winch, so keep this in mind when using these trailers in salt water.

These trailers offer a lower maintenance product which is lighter in weight, but they still require maintenance. When used in salt water you can increase the life of your trailer components by flushing wheel assemblies and steel parts with fresh water after each use.

You can find aluminum trailers with spring suspension and torsion bar suspension. Spring systems are accepted as simpler and cheaper and easier to repair, whereas torsion bar advocates will claim they have superior handling, not everyone agrees of course.

Over the long term, this type of trailer will be the best option for use in salt water, as rust on the frame will never be a problem. This will also give you better resale value when you sell it in the future.

Some manufacturers of aluminum trailers in North America include:

  • American Classic Trailers
  • Boatmaster Trailers
  • Champion Trailers
  • Coastline Trailers
  • Express Trailers
  • EZ Loader Trailers
  • Fastload Trailers
  • Float-on Trailers
  • Great Lakes Trailer
  • Guardian Trailers
  • HighTech Marine Trailers
  • Karavan Trailers
  • Loadmaster Trailers
  • Magic Tilt Trailers
  • Nextrail Trailers
  • Precision Boat Trailers
  • Seahawk Trailers
  • Slide-on Aluminum Trailers
  • STS Trailers
  • Tex-All Aluminum Trailers
  • Tuff Trailers
  • Venture Trailers
  • West Coast Trailers

Some manufacturers of aluminum trailers around the world include:

  • Mackay - Australia

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