Used Inflatable Boat Transoms Are The First Place To Look For Damage Or Trouble

Look carefully on every used inflatable boat where the transom is attached to the tubes.

Many light duty boats use plastic mounts which are welded to the tubes to hold the transom in place. Cracks in plastic mounts are a problem, and the only way they can be repaired is for the mount to ripped off of the tube, the tube is then patched, and a new mount is glued to the tube in the same spot.

This will not be cheap!

Sport boats, or boats built to be used as primary boats will have the transom glued in place with the same fabric the tubes are built with. If the fabric is peeling away from the transom or from the tubes this is a major problem.

Again this will require expensive repairs.

My first boat had the Hypalon peeling away from the transom due to the age of the glue. This was a sure sign that the glue was beginning to fail.

I would not have been happy if the whole transom fell off with my new motor!

The transom has huge forces on it as the motor pushes the boat forward. It must be very well attached to the boat!

Also check for other forms of damage to the transom. Water damage to finish, cracks, rot (especially along the bottom if the boat has sat in the water for extended period of time.

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