Used Boat Motors Can Be Incredible Deals
They Can Cause So Much Frustration You May Give Up Boating

Boat motors are kind of like cars, everyone has their strong opinion.

You look for used boat motors to save yourself money, not to make you hate boating or to put you in a dangerous situation.

Unlike with a car that doesn't work, when you are out boating you may not be able to call for assistance when the motor quits on you.

I would only choose the most reliable used boat motors available.

I have spoken with 3 or 4 boat motor mechanics about which motors they see in their shops getting repairs the least.

All the mechanics I spoke with agreed that motors made by the Japanese manufacturers spend less time in repair shops. Based on this information, I would only buy one of the big three Japanese brands: Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki.

Somehow the Japanese engine manufacturers have figured out how to make engines more reliable and last longer. I could go into all the whys but I would rather be out boating!

It is not surprising that one Japanese manufacturer - Yamaha - has the largest market share of outboard boat motors.

I also have a strong bias to four stroke engines.

They pollute our planet less.

Yes, they cost more and weigh more.

But most importantly, they are way quieter and they don't stink me out of the boat!

I love to be able to talk to my family and friends in the boat as we zoom along on an adventure.

A friend bought a used motor for his first boat. We were heading down the river to a picnic rendezvous 10km (6mi) down river. Two adults and four small children in the boat.

Half way there the motor quit.

After an hour of trying to restart the thing we gave up and paddled the last 5 km (3mi). Luckily we were going down river!

He found out that the motor had seized due to a faulty water pump and that was the end of that little motor.

I talked him into buying a brand new Honda motor.

We also bought a Honda motor for our first engine.

If you want to find a good deal, look for a lightly used Japanese made engine that is less than 10 years old.

Make sure it is a 4 stroke.

Ideally, get it checked by a boat mechanic.

At least start and run the motor from cold. (How well does it start when cold, how well does it idle, do a water trial on the boat, does the shifter work smoothly, is the water pump operating properly)

Motors are high tech little machines these days.... if you don't know what you are looking at, get help!

We just sold a premium condition two year old Honda 20 with tiller for way less than we paid! We babied that motor! The buyer definitely got a good deal!

Good luck with your search for used boat motors.

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