Seamax Inflatable Boats: Cheap Inflatable Boats Registered In Canada and US

Seamax inflatable boats are available on the internet or through their growing dealer network.

This brand is one of the many brands that has appeared in recent years as it has gotten easier to source products from Chinese manufacturing companies.

I asked the company owner which factory they use to manufacture their boats. He did not want to give out this information. A little internet research reveals that Weihai Transe Boats Ltd. Shangdong, China, is probably one of their manufacturers. They claim to have more than one source for their boats, which is quite common.

Their website indicates they are making some good choices from what is likely a menu of options offered from their chosen factories.

If you want to read more about manufacturing click here.

Seamax inflatable boats are made out of Korean PVC (not considered as good as the German PVC but better than Chinese PVC), and are assembled using Korean glue (again, considered better than Chinese glue, but not as good as some other glues and not as good as thermo bonding or high frequency welding).

Read more about the welded vs glued debate here.

Seamax made the decision to use an ISO and CE certified manufacturer. Good choice!

They also went to the trouble of registering with Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard to get a manufacturers code. Again, a good idea that can only benefit you the consumer!

Seamax is not scrimping on their features. Their boats have life lines, pressure releasing valves, solid oarlocks, and extra D rings.

They offer a 1 year warranty on attachments and accessories, a 3 year warranty on seams and a 5 year warranty on the fabric. (Some high end companies offer a 10 year warranty on welded seams - obviously a indicator of quality.)

Another subtle but important point to me...... they have put some time and energy into creating an easy to use website.

I believe how you do anything is how you do everything. A poor quality hard to navigate website will not give me confidence in the product being displayed.

Check out their website at and see for yourself. It is well laid out and easy to read. I would suggest they re-read it though as there are a number of places that could use some editing.

I like how they have gone to the effort to take photos of their features and boats, rather than just using manufacturers photos. It shows they are a bit more serious about this.

(My suggestion would be to get rid of all manufacturer's generic photos, as it makes it look like they are selling a white label or private label product, even if they claim they are not)

Another hand glued offering in the inflatable boat market. How long will the company be around? This is a good question.

I hope Seamax continues to grow and improve.

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