Seabright Inflatable Boats: Discount Inflatable Boat In Canada

Seabright inflatable boats was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing Canadians with quality inflatable boats at an affordable price.

They have been successful, and if you read their testimonials their customers are their biggest fans.

No where do they claim to have the cheapest boats available. But they do offer a price guarantee - if you find another brand with comparable quality at a lower price. I doubt you will.

Seabright boats customize their boat building process by using the best fabrics available; Mehler-Valmex® PVC made in Germany, Achilles T10® Hypalon made in Japan, or Pennel Orca® Hypalon made in France.

Even though the hull design is not their own, the features they insist on while producing their boats - like a double layer of fabric on tube bottoms and center line - aluminum floors - and new for 2011 - fiberglass transoms - all add up to a more durable boat.

Seabright offers both welded and glued PVC boats depending on the model. They claim to see no difference in the number of warranty claims of one method over the other since switching to a higher quality manufacturer.

Remember that this is a Canadian company so their boats may not be exposed to the same amount of tropical sunlight that other boats are. Some tropical boat shops refuse to sell glued PVC boats. The quality control of the manufacturer undoubtedly comes into the picture here too.

Read more about the welded vs glued debate here.

Seabright contracts the manufacturing of their boats with builders who are ISO or CE certified to ensure consistent quality.

As well, in 2011 they are completing their Transport Canada Certification.

When they started the company they sold Dong Seo branded boats but due to quality issues they changed manufacturers in 2007.

In 2009 the photos on their website revealed some of their boats were made by Heifei, a Chinese manufacturer, and internet searches show they have received shipments from this company. Internet searches also reveal that they have had Hypalon boats manufactured by Lodestar.

I am still unclear why brand owners wish to keep manufacturing relationships secret.... there must be a good reason.

If you are considering a Seabright Inflatable boat.... give the owner a call, he comes across as an honest and reputable person who will stand behind his product, and he has been doing so for a number of years. He has even helped out some of his early customers who have had problems with the Dong Seo boats years after the warranty is up. (He doesn't sell these boats anymore)

This gentleman is very focused on quality and customer service.

If you have been reading my site.... this is more important than price by far!

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