Sea Wizard Inflatable Boats: Cheap Small Inflatable Boats

Sea Wizard inflatable boats - one of the many cheap inflatable boat brands available on the market today.

A search on line shows that they are based out of Australia, and sell online. Many references show up in ebay stores, Marine and Trading from Australia.

They claim they have sold over 700 boats to date. This point can be good for you the buyer since you should be able to find out how the boats are standing up over time.

This is the type of boat company that likely uses the original design manufacturing, white label or private label model for procuring their boats. How can one tell? Well, the seller's store on ebay offers inflatable boats and hot water heaters. An interesting but rather odd combination. It is very unlikely that the seller is designing the boats.

You can read more about inflatable boat manufacturing here.

The lower price boat companies are the type of companies you want to make sure that other customers are satisfied with their product before you purchase.

If you want to check which other brands are in the lower price category of boats go here.

Which factory in China they are made in may be a factor in how durable they are, how long they last, and how well they work. It would be great to find someone who has owned one of these boats for a few years to see how they stand up.

Also look into the customer service reports for the company to make sure the company is doing what the claim they will do.

They offer 1100 denier polyester fabric coated with PVC, and air floors. Probably of glued construction and undoubtedly made in China.

Read more about glued vs welded construction here.

I do not like the marketing hype that claims they are "better than Zodiac or Quicksilver".

I know I don't believe it .... but .... you decide if it is true.

If you have one of these boats or know of someone with one, I would love to hear your comments.

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