Sea Eagle Boats: Discount Inflatable Boats, Pontoon Boats, Sport Boats and More

Sea Eagle boats probably offers more boat styles than any other inflatable company.

They sell sport boats, dinghies, motor mount boats, catamarans, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, sailing catamarans, frameless pontoon boats, and more!

What I like about this brand is they design their boats to be user friendly for new and recreational boaters with a level of quality that suits this market segment. Since there are a huge number of new and recreational boat buyers in the world, their company does very well!

Through internet research I discovered that Sea Eagle is most likely produced under contract by Woosung I.B. Co. in Korea. Since Woosung of Korea has many of their boats manufactured by Hwa Nan Plastics in China, it is a good guess that this brand is made there as well. I will contact the company to find out.

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