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Saturn inflatable boats are a Korean brand marketed in many countries of the world.

It is a made in China product, made in the city of Weihei to the best of my knowledge. Even dealers don't necessarily know which factory they are made in...... the secrecy thing. (which I do not like!) I recently heard it was made by the "Win-Win" company but I can find no information about the Win Win company.

Saturn offers many different models; transom boats, rafts, kayaks, kaboats, sailboats, and paddleboards. Their kaboats (they look like a flat stern canoe) seem to be an interesting new design. I have read one report by an owner that was not very positive - he claimed it had very challenging handling when the boat is planing. Other reviewers love the Kaboat

Saturn boats are not Transport Canada registered. You may want to check if this brand is registered in your country before purchasing.

There are many testimonials surrounding this brand...... but be careful as you read through testimonials..... most of them are left by people who are simply excited about their new product and have just assembled it, or they have used it once or twice.

Look for the testimonials that are from people that have had their boat for 3 or more years, have used it lots, and still have good things to say. The problems or challenges in a boat usually show up over time.

I have had feedback from two former distributors of Saturn boats. Both were unhappy with the quality of this manufacturer and have stopped selling Saturn boat and have switched to other manufacturers.

I would recommend doing more research into the reported quality issues before purchasing a Saturn.

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