NRS Raft: Inflatable Fishing Raft, Kayak And Boating Apparel Experts

If you have a thirst for river action check out an NRS raft or NRS kayak or just check out the NRS store for their awesome selection of products.

If you have read very much of my site you will already realize I have a strong bias towards high quality gear.

I am one of those people that is willing to pay extra if that means my "stuff" is going to do what it is designed to do, and last for years.

I like good quality.

Yes, that is why I like companies like NRS.

Their whole business model obviously revolves around quality.

Quality products .... look at their store, they don't sell any junk! Only the best brands of inflatable rafts and inflatable kayaks and only the best brands of boating apparel.

Quality support .... look at their website, it is full of information on repair, maintenance, gear selection, courses. Everything you need to have a fun and safe adventure.

Quality manufacturing .... their rafts, kayaks and paddle gear are all put together with top quality materials. Even though they do not compete on price their prices are pretty reasonable for the top quality products they offer.

Quality service .... reading reviews and testimonials about NRS is like reading a too good to be true story. Do stores really treat people that well?

Obviously NRS does!

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