Inflatable Fishing Boat: Rib Inflatable Boats Make Great Ocean Fishing Boats

Rigid hull inflatables can be customized to create ideal inflatable fishing boats, off shore fishing boats, or ocean fishing boats, as well as a large lake fishing boat.

Some manufacturers build custom rigid hull inflatables that rival the best fiberglass or aluminum fishing rigs for functionality, and far surpass them for comfort and safety.

Polaris Inflatable Boats (Canada) Ltd. has built custom cabins on their fiberglass hull Ribs specifically as ocean fishing boats.

Titan Inflatables Ltd. of Sydney, BC builds custom aluminum cabin ribs that would shine as off shore fishing boats.

A rib outfitted with a center console provides a perfect walk around platform for playing that big catch.

The exceptional rough water handling characteristics of a RIB make it a boat to consider!

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