Inflatable Boat Seats: Check Out My Custom Boat Bench Seat

Inflatable boat seats make your boating more comfortable and can provide much needed storage too!

In the case of collapsible inflatable boats the seat is usually a wooden seat or molded plastic bench that hangs from special patches fastened on the tubes.

Here is my son when he was five in our Bombard Typhoon 420. I used contact cement to attach some sleeping pad type foam to the wooden seat so it was more comfortable and not so slippery.

inflatable boat seat

Zodiac makes a removable seat that mounts on the floor rails. I took a look at it for my new Grand Raid, but the price is very high just for a seat.

I have seen a number of collapsible inflatables with after market boat seats attached to the factory seats so the operator has a seat with a back rest.

I have also seen all manner of custom seating arrangements on collapsible inflatable boats.

Below is a cheap boat seat idea.

cheap boat seat

Here is an interesting aftermarket boat seat - a roto-molded plastic storage seat made for inflatable boats. It is designed to rest on the tubes and hold a fuel tank inside.

The boat owner felt it would be better supported on the floor, so he blocked it up with wood. I have not found any source for this brand of seat, so most likely the company is not making them anymore.

I am building a boat seat for my Grand Raid Mark II - a storage trunk seat to allow me to store all the boating essentials as well as attach accessories like downriggers, rod holders and pot pulling pulleys. This is my first prototype out of wood. The final version is being fabricated out of aluminum, an excellent boat seat material.

You can see a picture of the aluminum version on this page .

Some commercially available systems use a tubular frame which either sits on the floor of the boat, or hangs off the tubes.

If you want super durable boat seats for a collapsible, check out the seat options for the zodiac military and professional line. I would be scared to even ask the price!

Ribs tend to have more elaborate seating systems.

Bench seats with or without a steering column attached, or a saddle seat with a steering column like this Hurricane Police rib on the West Coast of Canada.

In large ribs of the extreme adventure variety, fancy shock absorbing seats allow the passengers to ride through the most extreme seas in more comfort.

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