I Rarely Find An Inflatable Boat Review Of The Heavy Duty Boats

You won't find an inflatable boat review of the heavy duty class of boats because these are boats purchased by government agencies, corporate users and guiding companies.

The inflatable boats I class as "heavy duty" include military and industrial grade boats. These boats are in a class of their own.

They are manufactured using fabric that often has a higher thread count and a heavier coating. Some companies even put extra layers in their fabric for these boats.

True heavy duty inflatable boats are of a much stronger construction and weigh much more than sport boats and much much more than light duty boats. (a heavy duty 14ft/4m boat will weigh more than 250lb/115kg!)

Heavy duty collapsible boats are made of Hypalon coated fabric which is hand glued, or polyurethane coated fabric which is welded.

Heavy duty inflatable boats start at about 14'/4.3m and go up from there. Some companies make boats more than 20'/6m.

Lots of companies have web pages claiming their boats are used for military purposes. They say this of course to convince you that they are more durable.

There are no true heavy duty boats for sale by white label brands or contract manufacturing brands. These are very specialized products marketed to a customer to whom money is not an object, durability is everything.

True heavy duty boats can cost 10 times what a low price inflatable boat of the same size will cost!

These boats are purchased by organizations that rely on their boats day after day. Very few recreational users can justify the cost, or weight of a heavy duty boat.

You do see some used military Zodiacs on the recreational market.... if they are in good shape they would be one tough boat!

When reading an inflatable boat review it is important to be able to see through the marketing hype!

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