Inflatable Boat Covers: Are Cheap Boat Covers A Good Idea?

Inflatable boat covers will protect your investment and increase your resale value.

I admit it, I am cheap when it doesn't matter too much. I have no problem spending money to buy a quality boat, but a cheap tarp over my boat works just fine as a cover I have always thought.

Ok, it is a bit of a hassle tying it down each time we finish using the boat. A 2x4 to create a ridge line so the water runs off, and bungee cords to hold on the tarp.

But hey, it was cheap!

Then a friend showed me his cheap boat cover.... great idea! It cost not much more than a tarp and it has fitted elastic around the edges and nice little webbing loops to hook bungee straps on.

I think I might get one!

At least I thought so until I discover yet again, yes you do get what you pay for.

His webbing loops are ripping off. It falls off every time it rains, and it basically doesn't do the job it is meant to do. Protect the boat.

I would love to buy one of the nice boat covers made with polyester boat cover material and good tie downs and snaps.

I don't doubt they are the best boat cover. They are supposed to fit properly, stay on without hassle, and supposedly they can be left on even when towing your boat on a trailer.

I am sure it is worth it to protect my investment from the elements.

I will update you about my experience once I get one.

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