Fly Fishing Pontoon Boats: The Best Inflatable Boats For Fly Fishing

Fly fishing pontoon boats are specially made for the fly fishing enthusiast. A number of pontoon boat manufacturers offer pontoon boats, as well as rafts and float tubes specially designed with the fly fisherman in mind.

Fly fishing pontoon boats are one, or two man fishing boats (sometimes three man) with a platform or frame to hold the pontoons, the people and their gear.

When buying a pontoon boat consider the different construction techniques. Some pontoon boat manufacturers use a two layer tube design with an outer cover and an inner air bladder, while other manufacturers use the one layer tube design seen in the typical inflatable boats.

The two piece tube design has advantages (ease of repair, extra layer to guard against puncture, outer cover can be extra light or extra heavy depending on design, can carry a spare bladder) and disadvantages (zippers prone to failure, dirt accumulates between outer cover and bladder, in event of a tear both the outer shell and the bladder must be repaired).

Pontoon boat manufacturers often also make rafts and float tubes - they include:

  • Bucks Bags of Boise, Idaho - welded PVC tubes and polyurethane bladders - frames are manufactured of stainless steel.

  • Water Skeeter of Stockton, California - sewn or welded PVC tubes with PVC bladders, steel or aluminum frames - lots of models from beginner to pro.

  • Creek Company of Steamboat Springs, Colorado - nylon or PVC pontoon covers with PVC bladders, steel or aluminum frames - 9 models of pontoon boat and 5 models of float tubes.

  • Outcast by Aire of Meridian, Idaho - polyester based PVC tube covers with urethane bladders - numerous models of float tubes, pontoon boats and fishing rafts for every adventure. The best warranty in the industry!

  • Classic Accessories of Kent, Washington - 5 models of float tubes and 7 models of pontoon boats - PVC and nylon tube covers with bladders and steel frames - not recommended for salt water - made in China.

  • North Fork of Ogden, Utah - numerous models of original pontoon boats and float tubes designed by Dave Scadden - bladderless tube design - manufactured by Incept Marine in New Zealand.

  • Jack's Plastic Welding in Aztec, New Mexico - white water and fishing rafts and pontoon boats - bladderless tube design - manufactured in the USA.

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