Fishing Rain Gear: An Important Boating Accessory!

If you love boating you are going to encounter rain..... get the best fishing rain gear you can!

Rain gear for fishing, like all rain gear comes in a variety of styles and qualities and prices.

There are many who feel waterproof breathable fabrics are the way to go for rain gear.

I am not one of those people. Yes, I own waterproof breathables, but I use them for protection from wind and mild rain, especially when I will be engaged in physical exertion (hiking etc.).

If it is protection from heavy rain and continual splash from piloting a small open boat through ocean swell, I want completely waterproof gear thank you.

Fishermen come in many varieties, so there is rain gear available to meet every need.

  • Fly fishermen will want gear that offers good range of motion, lots of pockets and breathability, as they tend to be moving about more as they fish.

    Check out brands like:

    • Bass Pro
    • Cabelas
    • Columbia
    • Helly Hansen
    • MEC
    • Patagonia
    • REI
    • Simms

  • Ocean going fishermen will likely prefer the heavy duty type rain gear that keeps out 100 percent of the rain. This type of gear is much cheaper than the high tech garments, and nothing stops rain better. It also lasts for years.

    Yes, there are a few disadvantages;

    • it is not as comfortable if you are moving about a lot
    • you will sweat if you are doing strenuous physical activity
    • it is bulky to store if you are not using it very often

    Check out brands like:

    • Cabelas - huge range of offerings... but take a look at their guides gear.... it is similar to commercial fisherman gear.... still the best protection.
    • Carhartt
    • Dickies
    • Dutch Harbor - this company has some nice gear - I like the lighter weight coats that use fabric similar to the commercial grade material - just as waterproof, but just not as abrasion resistant - This is my favorite type of material for recreational rain gear that works!
    • Elka
    • Grundéns - I love companies like this.... they offer a number of different weights of coated fabrics in their simply designed but effective rain gear. The lighter weight stuff would be perfect for recreational use... not as tough but just as waterproof - ideal!
    • Guy Cotton - quality products of heavy duty and recreational duty weight materials that are coated on the outside for true waterproofness
    • Helly Hansen - this company offers everything from the high tech breathables, to the simple commercial grade clothing
    • Lund
    • Pioneer
    • Regatta
    • Vass

  • Inland lake fishermen will likely opt for the lighter duty fishing rain gear. It is cheaper to buy, comfortable to wear, and easier to store in a small space when not in use.

    The two types available are fabric on the outside with a coating like polyurethane on the inside. Check out brands like:

    • Frogg Toggs
    • MEC
    • REI

    I personally don't like it, as it doesn't work for very long, and for me the #1 thing rain gear needs to do is keep out rain!

    I would rather spend my money on the lighter weight products that are coated on the outside. Check out the lighter weight fishing rain gear offerings from:

    • Dutch Harbor
    • Grundéns
    • Guy Cotton

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