Brig Inflatable Boats: Rib Tenders, Boats For Rescue And More

Brig inflatable boats offer models from small rib tenders and foldable boats to large luxury ribs. They also produce a couple of boats designed to fill the commercial and rescue inflatable boat market segment.

Brig boats are manufactured from Mirasol (a Korean PVC) which is a polyester core fabric. They use both 1100 decitex and 1650 decitex depending on the boat. As well, their ribs are available in hypalon.

Brig meets ISO 9001 standards and CE standards. This is always comforting to know a company meets international standards in their manufacturing quality. You the buyer get a better product.

This does not mean you don't need to ask lots of questions. Speaking with a Brig distributor I was informed that Brig boats are of a glued construction. There is a lot of disagreement about glued vs welded PVC in the boat manufacturing world. If you would like to read more about glued vs welded construction click here.

Brig offers a standard line-up of boats with distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Korea, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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