Boating Shoes: Comfortable Boating Footwear is Important!

I have always been fussy about comfortable feet and the boating shoes available today make it easy to guarantee comfy feet.

Living in Canada we do a lot of our boating in cold water, so for much of our time on the water we wear boating boots.

Boating specific shoes are different from landlubber shoes in that the soles are designed for traction on wet boat decks.

The best place to shop for this type of footwear are the marine suppliers. They sell many styles of shoes, sandals, and slip-ons suitable for boating.

I love to go exploring by boat and with many stops onshore I am forever hopping in and out of the boat. Hopping into the water means I want shoes that drain quickly but give me support and traction when I land on the submerged rocks at my chosen destination.

I used TEVA and Chaco type sandals for years, but would find myself wishing I had a closed toe design. I like the Keen models of closed toe sandals but they are all too wide for my feet. I have settled on a pair of high tech Shimano water shoes with mesh sides. They work well for the summer months when wet feet don't mean cold feet.

Because of the type of boating I do, I am more concerned about traction on uneven terrain while exploring ashore than I am about traction on a slippery wet deck.

Your preferred activities while boating will help you determine what the best style of footwear will be for you. Obviously if you never step in the water some nice comfy deck shoes would be the way to go.

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