Boating Gifts: From Boat Cup Holders To Handheld GPS Devices

Want to get the perfect boating gifts for the boaters in your life?

Boats are known as "a hole in the water where your money goes", so when friends and family give boating-specific gifts it can check something off the list of "things to make life more enjoyable on a boat"

It is of course especially nice if you can find a unique but very practical boating christmas gift that will mean warm thoughts will be sent your way every time it is used.

I will categorize them by price to help you stay within your budget.

Under 25 USD

  • 303 aerospace protectant
  • boating cup holder
  • boating horn holder
  • fishing accessories
  • boating socks

25 USD to 50 USD

  • lifevest strobe light
  • sand spike
  • boating books
  • gloves

50 USD to 100 USD

  • handheld compass
  • boating shoes
  • boating hat
  • charts

100 USD to 250 USD

  • portable stainless steel BBQ
  • inflatable life jacket
  • floating VHF radio

over 250 USD

  • hand held GPS
  • depth sounder
  • personal locator beacon

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