Beach Anchor: I Love My Sand Spike Small Boat Shore Anchor

A beach anchor or shore anchor is an often overlooked accessory to add to your boating kit.

A day at the beach is much more relaxing if you do not have to constantly watch your boat to make sure it doesn't drift away.

A regular anchor can work, unless you are like most small boat owners and only have a grapnel, which do not hold well in sand.

I only had a grapnel anchor and then discovered a simple product at the Seattle boat show called the "Sand Spike". It is essentially an over-sized tent peg that you push into the sand to tie your bow or stern line to. It works great!

It is easy to push in and has great holding power.

A little research reveals there are a number of these handy units available. There are two basic designs of shore anchors: push-in (spikes or flukes) and screw-in (augers).

Shore anchor push-in spikes include:

  • Easy Anchor Shoreline Anchor
  • Sand Spike
  • Slide Anchor Shore Spike
Shore anchor screw-in augers include:
  • Screw-it
  • Ironwood Pacific
Shore anchor combination auger and fluke style include:
  • Shorelock Anchor (Diamond Water Sports)

Different models have different advantages. I like the simplicity and ease of use of the Sand Spike. I have even been able to use it in loose gravel beaches without difficulty.

If you want lots of holding power the Shorelock Anchor looks like it would be super solid, but auger style units will not work in gravel.

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