Avon Boats: Inflatable Dinghy, Rib And Raft Manufacturer

Avon boats are manufactured in England to the highest standards.

The company focuses on inflatable dinghy and rigid inflatable boats, as well as offering a whole line of inflatable river rafts and commercial and military inflatable boats.

avon inflatableLike any company that offers real military grade boats, Avon inflatable boats has a whole different line of boats aimed at heavy commercial use and military use.

Avon even has a separate website for their commercial and military products, which indicates that their commercial and military grade boats are a whole different kettle of fish.

A quick look at the Avon website will reveal that they are focused on the high end market.

Their ribs are high quality and fancy too - aimed at the luxury crowd.

So if you like top quality and all the bells and whistles..... get an Avon!

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