Aquastar Inflatable Boats: Discount Small Sport Boats and RIBS

Aquastar inflatable boats are one of the lower priced boats for sale.

The company was started in 2004 and is based in Orange, CA, USA. Their boats are available at Amber Marine, ARI Marine, and on

These boats are made in China, but unlike many of the lower price boats, they are assembled using thermo-bonding. This is by far the best method of building boats with PVC coated fabric.

Read more about welded vs glued construction here.

Aquastar inflatable boats offer what they call roll up boats and sport boats (both of which I would class as dinghies), heavy duty boats (which are hopefully a bit more robust and would fit my sport category) and RIBs.

Aquastar inflatable boats utilizes a 1000 denier polyester core PVC coated fabric, no ..... wait elsewhere on one site they say it is an 1100 decitex fabric. Sure, these two numbers are equivalent, but at least give the buyer one standard by which to relate to your boats!

On one site it claims the boats are made of material with one neoprene layer, two nylon layers and two strongan layers...... hmmmmm. They also claim it is military grade fabric...... hmmmm

First problem, nobody creates coated fabric using thermoplastic and thermoset plastic applied to different sides of a base fabric. So..... either a typo or someone doesn't know what they are saying.

Second problem.... I have not heard of two layers of fabric in the middle of the coated fabric. Yes, some companies use two layers of fabric separated by a layer of plastic..... hmmm..... more typos or misleading information.

Third problem ..... Strongan is a Zodiac trademarked fabric. Yes a PVC coated fabric, but again more misleading information or is it just the desire to associate one's product with the leader of the inflatable boat world. It is highly unlikely that Aquastar is using Strongan!

And lastly, why claim to use "military grade" fabric except to try and present your boats as tougher than others..... I don't think the military in the USA uses any boats with PVC fabric! I could be wrong, but I don't think so!

You could say I am being overly fussy.... but what I am trying to do is provide insight for buyers into what to watch out for, where there is misinformation I am aware of, and how you may be mislead by manufacturer's claims.

So, I visited the other websites selling Aquastar, and discover that the Aquastar RIBs have an inflatable keel..... hmmmm. A RIB is a rigid hull boat so cannot have an inflatable keel. Again critical errors or misinformation.

I really think Aquastar and their dealers need to clean up their web presence!

If you have more information about Aquastar boats please let me know here.

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