Apex Inflatables: From Towable Water Toys To Hypalon Boats

Apex inflatables offer a standard range of products including ribs, collapsibles, roll-ups, rafts, and bananas.

Wait a minute, bananas?

Yes, they even produce towable water toys - inflatable bananas.

They manufacture all their inflatables out of quality Orca Hypalon (CSM) fabric by Pennel & Filipo.

They choose a 1000 denier (1100 decitex) polyester core coated fabric for rigidity, puncture resistance and durability.

They build their boats with larger tubes for increased buoyancy, which means increased payload, and they claim a better and drier ride. They claim their designs provide increased interior volume when compared to other boat brands of similar length.

A quality image on the internet is an important part of any quality product today. I think their website needs to brought up to the same quality as they claim their boats are!

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